5-Day Intensive Cajón Flamenco Rhythm Workshop

Demi Garcia 5 Day Cajon Flamenco Rhythm Workshop September 2019

5-Days Intensive Cajón Flamenco Rhythm Workshop

2nd – 6th September 2019

Highly recommend for anyone who would like to understand more about compás….

During this workshop, students will work on a different palo every day and focus on technique and rhythm exercises to improve the pulse. On the last day, everyone will play all the palos that were taught during the workshop – accompanied by a professional Flamenco guitarist. Playing alongside a guitarist will be particularly important in understanding how the rhythms work with the guitar.

Day 1- Basic Technique. Cajón and Palmas sounds. Tangos.
Day 2- Singles and Doubles Technique. Buleria.
Day 3- Subdivisions. Crotchets, Quavers, Triplet, Semiquavers. Sevillanas.
Day 4- Contras with Palmas. Rumba.
Day 5- Play all the palos with professional guitarist.

From: 6.30-9.30pm
£150 + £3 hire cajon
You can book single days: £30 per day

Escuela de Baile
1-7 Amwell Street

Book your place. Pay in advance:

About Demi Garcia Sabat

Originally from Barcelona, Demi studied at the London College of Music. He now works as a freelance drummer and percussionist, specialising in Flamenco, Jazz, Arabic, Latin and Pop music.

Current projects include Alec Dankworth & Spanish Accents, Trio Nova, Nicolas Meier Group, Mel C, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, Ben Hillier, Jorge Bravo, Maria Vega Dance company, Tito Heredia, Shirley Smart Trio, La Tipica contemporary Flamenco company, Melange and Los Amigos Latin band. He has toured all over Europe, North Africa, and USA.

Demi regularly teaches Cajon and FlamencoRhythms at Escuela Flamenco Londres (Flamenco dance School London).