Timetable for summer classes starting 31st July. Technique and Choreography classes at different levels. There is a class for everyone. Classes are different every day. Children welcome.

Private classes available.


18.30-20.00  Low Intermediate Bulerias

20.00-21.30  Technique 2


18.30-20.00  Intermediate Technique 2 & 3

20.00-21.30  Shawl Technique & Choreography


18.30-20.00  Low Intermediate (Letras)

20.00-21.30  Advance Technique 3 & Choreography (Bulerias)


18.30-20.00  Beginners & Improvers

20.00-21.30  Sevillanas

Level1  Begginers & Improvers

Level 2  Elementary & Low Intermediate

Level 3  Intermediate & Advanced


13D Amwell St.

London EC1R 4UL


No need to book for these classes, just drop in

One class 15 pounds

Two classes on the same night 25 pounds

Children half price

I’m doing these workshops over the summer, on Sundays and at a different location to where I usually teach, to give people who can’t come to Angel during the week to my regular classes, the chance to have a class. Also, these kind of workshops last summer,  were very popular, so they are back by popular demand. This year, not only BULERIAS, but also TANGOS and SEVILLANAS WITH SHAWL. Children welcome, by the way.

START ENROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday 6th August, you’ll learn Shawl Technique and the four sevillanas with the shawl.


12.00-13.00 Shawl technique adapted to sevillanas

13.00-13.45 First sevillana with shawl

13.45-14.30 Second sevillana with shawl

14.30-15.00 Break

15.00-15.45 Third sevillana with shawl

15.45- 16.30 Fourth sevillana with shawl

16.30- 17.00 Go over all of them time after time

Whole day 55 pounds

On Sunday 13th August, you’ll learn how to choreograph your own BULERIAS. In the first two hours of the class you’ll learn different marking steps, calls, ways to start and finish your bulerias and how to fit it in with the lyrics. In the next hour of the class you’ll learn a choreography for bulerias. In the final hour of the day you’ll have time to choreograh your own bulerias with everything you’ve learned that day and with my help. At the end of the class we’ll do a ‘FIN DE FIESTA’ where you can dance your buleria accompanied by the clapping, the singing and a guitarist.


12.00-14.00 Bulerias Tehnique

14.00-15.00 Bulerias Choreography

15.00-16.00 Choreograph your own and ‘Fin de Fiesta’

12.00-14.00   25 pounds

14.00-16.00   25 pounds

Whole day     45 pounds


On Sunday 20th August, the shedule will be the same as on the 13th, but instead of learning bulerias, it will be TANGOS, which is another kind of dance that you can do in a ‘Fin de Fiesta’.


12.00-14.00 Tangos Technique

14.00-15.00 Tangos choreography

15.00-16.00 Choreograph your own and ‘Fin de Fiesta’

12.00-14.00   25 pounds

14.00-16.00   25 pounds

Whole day     45 pounds

Three Sundays 130pounds

Children welcome, half the price

Dance Attic Studios

368, North End Rd


London SW6 1LY

Please notice that the venue charges two pounds a day per student at the door as a daily membership.

Please let me know which classes you would like to do at gemmacruz2002@yahoo.co.uk