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Full Time Professional Flamenco Dance Course in London



Escuela de Baile, UK’s largest flamenco school in the UK, created and run by Nuria García for over 20 years, is receiving constant demand for professional flamenco dancers to perform in shows around London and the UK, both on stage and for private functions. The combination of a history of great artistry and patronage in the UK, and a buoyant UK economy, have made London a vibrant hub for dance professionals. Having informally placed numerous dancers trained at the school, we have now decided to open both a full time dance school and a dance company to meet the increasing demand for our dancers. The Dance Company will recruit the best performing students from the Dance School at the end of the 1-year training course.



From September 2015, we will audition students around the world for our 1 year full time course due to start in January 2016.



We have 20 places open for the course which will run in 3 terms of 11 weeks in a dance studio located in Central London. The course will include, daily, 4 hours of flamenco (technique and choreography) and 1 hour of classical ballet/modern. The classes will be compulsory to graduate from the course, and take place from 9am to 3pm, in addition to evening choreography classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:30 to 9.30pm. A minimum of 12 palos will be taught, ranging from Bulerias, Alegrias, Tango, Martinete, etc giving students a wide repertoire to perform.

Price: £11,500+vat.

Accommodation and living expenses not included, however we have close collaborations with organizations that provide specialized accommodation for international universities students on exchange with the UK. We also have links with language schools and teachers that can offer English teaching alongside our courses, on demand.

Optional additional courses:

  • 1 month intensive course in August at Escuela de Baile in Jerez, Spain. Preferential price for school students of £1,000 excluding accommodation and flights
  • Easter course at Sadlers Wells with participating renowned teachers from Spain such as Rafaela Carrasco, Olga Pericet, Mercedes Ruiz. Preferential price for school students.



Nuria García
Carmela Romero
Beatriz Morales
Gemma de La Cruz
Vicky Ramos

Guest teachers:
Javier La Torre for 1 month

Carlos Carbonell for 2-3 months


Teaching Diplomas:

On completion of the 1-year course, students will receive the Escuela de Baile certificate.

There is an option for students wishing to take a teachers certificate with the Spanish Dance Society – please contact us for further information.


Professional Placement and Experience during and after completion of the school programme:

  • During the 1-year course, students will perform Tablaos weekly at venues such as Bar Gansa in Camden
  • At the end of every term, students will perform in a theatre, to which we will invite agents, music and film directors. We have on-going relationships with agents who regularly attend our shows
  • Our placement office will compile a list of auditions throughout the year, and pass these on to our students as appropriate. We will play an active role in providing advice pre and post auditions. We are also able to organize the best guitarists and singers to accompany for a special audition (at the student’s cost)

Over the past 2 years, we have successfully helped students secure dance contracts at Sadler’s Wells, The Barbican, The Royal Opera House, The Harvey Goldsmith Carmen (16 dancers), Gypsy King, Robert Palmer, Miguel Gallardo, Javier La Torre’s company, Israel Galvan’s company, teaching contracts worldwide including Thailand and Malta


Entry to our Dance Company:

Our Dance Company, due to open in January 2017, will recruit students from the Dance School, alongside others entering through our external auditioning process. The same criteria will apply for internal and external candidates, dance skills and artistic talent, work ethics and personal qualities of stamina and determination. Obviously we will be biased toward our Dance School students whom we will have got to know over a whole year.



Please send CV and video showing your work to: info@ledb.co.uk by October 15th 2015.

We will be happy to send any letters that you may need for visa etc

For further information or applications please email us at info@ledb.co.uk


School term dates

1st Term

Monday 4th January 2016 – Thursday 24th March

(Half term break 12th February – 22nd February


2nd Term

Monday the 11th April 2016 -Wednesday the 20th July

Half Term break 27th May – 12th February


3rd Term

5th September – 21st December 2016

Half term 21st October – 31st October 2016


Teachers on the full time course:

Nuria García

Known as one of the best flamenco choreographers, teachers and dancers of flamenco. She is currently the director of La Escuela de Baile (Britain’s largest Flamenco school) in the United Kingdom and has just won The Latin Lukas award for best flamenco school in the UK.

Her students include dancers who have worked in Javier La Torre’s company, Israel Galvan and have danced all over the world. She not only teaches in London but also for Centro de Baile Jerez for the month of August giving intensive dance courses.

Her choreography includes TV and theatre including Harvey Goldsmith Carmen, Gypsy King, Robert Palmer, Miguel Gallardo and many more as well as choreographing full flamenco shows for Sadlers Wells Peacock theatre and theatres all over the world.

Nuría has won many arts awards for her work including the Barclays Youth Dance and also has trained the Olympic ice-skating couple of UK for their flamenco style and choreography. Documentaries about her work include Y Flamenco, Opening Shots and Capital Woman. She has danced in many top Flamenco companies including Juan Martin’s, Paco Pena’s, Fiesta Flamenca, Grupo de Jerez.  She has toured extensively in Europe, including Britain and Spain and danced in many top theatres and Flamenco clubs. Nuria worked in the avant-garde Flamenco/Contemporary performance group Von Magnet for 5 years, touring extensively in Europe and making several TV appearances. Nuria trained as a child at full-time dance school and studied in Spain under top teachers including Manolo Marin (Sevilla), La Tati, Josele, Adrian Galia, Antonio Canales (Madrid), Marcos Flores, Manuel Liñan, Javier la Torre, Angel Munoz, Eva la Yerbabuena, Rosario Tolado, Rafaela Carrasco and Belen Maya

Nuría’s passion is now teaching and furthering the studies of her students so they can achieve their dreams and make flamenco not only their passion but their lives. For this reason she has decided to open the full time school and start a full time company so everyone can be part of a unique opportunity to create and achieve the maximum in their careers.


Javier La Torre

Internationally renowned dancer and choreographer. He debuted at the age of sixteen in the National Lyric Company. In 1979, he joined the National Ballet of Spain, as soloist under the direction of Antonio Gades. After receiving an award as the Festival d’Avignon, he founded in 1988 in Cordoba the Ziryab Danza of which he was director, choreographer and dancer. He had considerable success with the show Hijas del Alba. A year later, he received three national awards at the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco. In 1990, he toured with the show La fuerza del destino all over Europe, and participated as a guest artist with Mario Maya in Diálogos del Amargo. He collaborated on Concierto flamenco para un marinero en tierra with Vicente Amigo before winning the first prize in dance at the Festival del Cante de las Minas in 1994 . Currently the foremost choreographer in the flamenco world, Javier is one of the most respected and influential artists of modern flamenco.


Carlos Carbonell

has a privileged career working as an artist guest or being part of the best flamenco and dance companies like Manuela Carrasco’s Company, in which he participated as a flamenco dancer; in the show Adonai with Sara Baras being part of the cast in the production Joanna the Mad; in Eva La Yerbabuena’s Company in the show 5 Women 5; in Carlota Santana’s Company in the show Bailaor (Flamenco dancer); in Mercedes Ruiz’s company in the show Juncal; in Cadiz Company, in a production of the Andalusian Agency for the development of Flamenco choreographed by El Junco under the direction of Pepa Gamboa; in Nicasio Moreno’s Company in the release of The Painter of Sounds; in Juan Carlos Santamaria’s Company in the show Tribute to Dalí and in the Company Lanónima Imperial in the show Orfeo.

He has participated together with Andrés Peña and Mercedes Ruiz as guest artists in the First Edition of the Japanese Bienal.

In 2004 he launched in Madrid his first show, Trios, with the special collaboration of Olga Pericet and Marco Flores. The show was acclaimed by the audience and the press.


Carmela Romero: Bailaora, Choreographer, Flamenco Dance Teacher

Carmela has performed and taught all over the world and is very well known not only as a dancer but an exeptional teacher. Her dancing experience includes Tablao Zambra Madrid with artists including Diego el Cigala, Adrian Galia, Juana la Tobala and Pedro Sierra. She has performed as a soloist in with Trader Faulkners Lorca and Mariano Torre Camino Flamenco with Chelo Pantoja. She has performed in many theatre including the Barbican, Royal Opera house Royal Albert Hall and many more all over the world. Television appearances include Gypsy Kings music video and films Evita, Alan Parker, Mask of Zorro, Martin Cambell and Dot the I. Choreographing for Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber and has prepared many dancers for theatre productions including Blood Wedding.


Beatriz Morales
Comes to us from Jerez where she received her teaching qualification. She has studied with many top teachers including Belén Maya and Mercedes Ruiz. She is currently working with Antonio ‘El Pipa’.

Her teaching is with passion and has a unique way of making all the students dance with the correct technique and feeling that we all love in flamenco. She now teaches in Japan, Switzerland, London, Germany and all over the world as she is known as one of the best flamenco teachers around.


Gemma de La Cruz
From Madrid, Gemma started her dance studies at the age of ten. She trained at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid and afterwards at the famous flamenco school in Madrid “Amor de Dios”. She has danced in many tablaos. She has performed in theatres such as Teatro Barcelo, Teatro Plaza de laVilla, Teatro Español, Teatro de la Zarzuela, among others in Madrid and other countries. She was one of the main dancers at “Carmen” performed at the Royal Opera House in London, directed by Nuria Espert and choreographed by Cristina Hoyos. Gemma was involved in the recording of the music for “The Mask of Zorro” starring Antonio Banderas. She has appeared on TV many times and she also collaborated in many musical videos. She combines her dancing with her teaching. A very experienced and talented teacher, she has taught many classes, workshops and courses all over the world.


Vicki Ramos has danced with many well known flamenco companies. She is now head of Centro de Baile Jerez, travelling the world teaching and examining. PDB(SDS) RAD(T.Dip) She has appeared in Paco Pena’s company and now teaches in Jerez de la Frontera and produces some of the top dancers in Spain and around the world.