Bulerias Course with Tomas Arroquero

Tomas Arroquero

Come and learn to dance and understand bulerias with Tomas Arroquero! We will have singers, guitarists and dancers so you can truly learn how to understand bulerias and feel confident to dance it at any occasion. We have the pleasure of having the wonderful Tomas returning to London to teach in the school again after his very successful course last year.

Flamenco Bulerias Course with Tomas Arroquero in London

Dates: 5th, 6th and 7th of July 2019

Improvers/Elementary  6.30-8.00pm
Intermediate/Advanced  8.00-9.30pm 

Improvers/Elementary 10.00-1.00pm
Intermediate/Advanced  2.00-5.00pm

Improvers/Elementary  10.00-1.00pm
Intermediate/Advanced 2.00/5.00pm

Price: £150

For registration please email info@ledb.co.uk or telephone 020 8905 4554.