Joaquín Grilo is a powerful dancer who is considered one of today’s leading male flamenco dancers. While his singular and personal style has made him an innovator in flamenco, he is firmly connected to and grounded in traditional style of dance. His unbounded energy, unparalleled skill and charm have turned his dance style into a personal trademark. Joaquín’s performances are intoxicating! To experience one of Joaquin’s performances is to be invited into a world where dance, guitar and song come together to exist in flamenco perfection.

Joaquín started his flamenco training at age 3. By age 13 he was touring with a dance company, and by 16 he became its principal dancer. Since then, he has toured extensively throughout the world – both as a guest artist and as part of his own dance company. He has collaborated with many of flamenco’s finests artists including, Vicente Amigo, Dorantes, Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortes, Miguel Poveda, to name a few. His most notable collaboration was with the great Paco de Lucia, touring as lead dancer for seven years. Joaquín has won numerous major Spanish flamenco awards, and in 1997 a nationwide poll selected him as Spain’s best flamenco dancer.