Children’s School

lunares2The Children’s School was established in 1992.  Children may join from 4-5 years of age, depending on ability.  There are 5 levels, and when children advance past the fifth level they may join the adult classes.  We actively encourage and provide opportunities for children to perform.  The advantages of starting early are that it is easier to internalise the rhythms and it develops co-ordination and self esteem.  It is also a lovely and stimulating environment where the children can make new friends.

Whilst your child is in class, you can try an adult’s beginner flamenco class!

Flamenco Costumes

The children enjoy dressing up for their flamenco class – it’s all part of the experience of getting into character!  We are able to help you to order specialist flamenco shoes and costumes.  As children grow so quickly, we have a dedicated co-ordinator for selling and exchanging shoes and costumes.  For shows, we also have a whole range of dresses which the children can borrow.

Build self-confidence & expression and make new friends

Participate in regular dance shows and arts events

We believe it is important for children to start dancing at an early age because it helps them develop coordination and self-esteem, and of course provides a great opportunity for children to make new friends.

We offer flamenco:

A unique chance for children to learn this exciting dance form at the best school for flamenco in the UK. Children not only have great fun learning flamenco, but while learning they internalize the rhythms, develop their coordination, and most importantly express themselves through dance (ages 5 and up).

What to Wear to Class

Your children will enjoy dressing up for their flamenco class. It’s all part of the experience of getting into character! We are able to help you to order specialist flamenco shoes and costumes for children, which you can order at the school through one of the parents who has organised this.

More Information

For more information, contact Nuria García on:
020 8905 4554 or contact form


Classes take place at:

Urdang 2 (259 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7AH)

We are located near Angel Tube Station.




9.15-10.00 Level 1: flamenco for age 4-6 
9.15-10.15. Level 2:  age 6 plus 
10.15 -11.30 Level 3: depends on child’s experience 
11.45-12.45. Level 4: depends on child’s experience

All kids  will do free style flamenco work plus the Spanish dance society exams and be involved in shows.


“My childen really look forward to the Saturday school.The teaching is excellent and they have a lot of fun. They have made so many friends there that they can’t wait to see every week.”

“They’re learning all the rhythms and correct posture and being immersed in flamenco in a very natural and enjoyable way.”